Screenshot of Motivational Interviewing on Prevention Services Clearinghouse

Motivational Interviewing - Prevention Services Clearinghouse Rating

The Prevention Services Clearinghouse has rated Motivational Interviewing as "Well-Supported" under Substance Abuse Programs and Services. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a method of counseling clients designed to promote behavior change... (Read more)

Published Nov 25, 2019

Family First Prevention Services Act: Implications For Addressing Youth Homelessness

The paper, from National Network for Youth and ChildFocus, outlines how the Family First Prevention Services Act can be leveraged as a tool to address homelessness for youth and young... (Read more)

Published Nov 20, 2019

State of GrandFamilies Report: A Place to Call Home: Building Affordable Housing for Grandfamilies

A new report from Generations United, A Place to Call Home: Building Affordable Housing for Grandfamilies, found less than one in three eligible grandfamilies receive housing assistance and details the... (Read more)

Published Nov 20, 2019

North Dakota Family First Website

This website resource hosts the contact info, documents and progress of North Dakota's Family First workgroups. View the website here.(Read more)

Published Nov 20, 2019

Title IV-E funding for legal representation and Title IV-E funding for Family First Prevention Services.

Title IV-E funds available to reimburse jurisdictions for attorneys for parents and children are separate and distinct from IV-E funds available for prevention services under Family First. There has been... (Read more)

Published Nov 13, 2019

Leveraging the Family First Prevention Services Act to Improve Use of Title IV-E GAP

This brief highlights provisions in the Family First Act related to kinship families and federal Title IV-E GAP. It suggests how states and eligible tribes can build on these provisions... (Read more)

Published Nov 13, 2019

Family First Transition Act. (S. 2777/H.R. 4980)

The bill (S. 2777/H.R. 4980) presents a bipartisan effort to help jurisdictions implement the Family First Prevention Services Act more effectively and proposes to provide resources to states, tribes and... (Read more)

Published Nov 5, 2019

Teens Shouldn't Be Put in This Position

Joshua Christian, Member of the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council , talks about why young people should be fully supported in considering their permanency options. “ I... (Read more)

Published Nov 2, 2019

Three Branch ToolKit & Webinar

Reforming Child Welfare Through a Three-Branch Approach: A Toolkit for Success from the National Governors Association, the National Conference of State Legislatures and Casey Family Programs. A three-branch approach takes... (Read more)

Published Oct 31, 2019

Screenshot of Press Release for DC Family First Act Prevention Plan Approved

Children’s Bureau Approves DC Child and Family Services Agency’s Federal Family First Prevention Plan

On October 30th, Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children’s Bureau, joined Brenda Donald, Director of the District of Columbia (DC) Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) to announce the... (Read more)

Published Oct 30, 2019