What Is Prevention and Why Is It Important?

Research has found that successful child abuse interventions must both reduce risk factors and take steps to ensure the well-being of children and families. Use these resources to understand the... (Read more)

Published Apr 23, 2019

The Court’s Role in Reshaping the Child Welfare System to Focus on Prevention

In adopting a prevention mindset, understanding the role of courts in preventing unnecessary removal of children from their homes, preventing compounding trauma while children are in foster care, and being... (Read more)

Published Apr 17, 2019

Oregon's Family First Implementation & Policy Workgroup

Oregon has established a workgroup, under the leadership of the Senate Human Services Committee, to address policy, budget and communication needs related to the implementation of new federal legislation championed... (Read more)

Published Apr 17, 2019

Engaging Philanthropy in Improving Child Well-Being Outcomes

Casey Family Programs created an outline of options and opportunities for foundations who have an interest in leveraging their investments to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families and... (Read more)

Published Apr 10, 2019

Consensus Statement on Group Care for Children and Adolescents: A Statement of Policy of the American Orthopsychiatric Association

Group care for children and adolescents is widely used as a rearing environment and sometimes used as a setting in which intensive services can be provided. This consensus statement on... (Read more)

Published Apr 9, 2019

Kansas Legislative Efforts to Implement Family First

HB 2103 would amend the revised Kansas Code for the Care of Children and enact statutory provisions to enable the state to meet the requirements of the federal Family First... (Read more)

Published Apr 3, 2019

Bringing Medicaid and Managed Care Partners into the Implementation Process

CWLA hosted a webinar on involving key partners from Medicaid and Managed Care in planning for implementation Family First legislation. Webinar included how one state, Virginia, is collaboratively working with... (Read more)

Published Apr 3, 2019

Keeping Kids in Families

In this data snapshot, the Annie E. Casey Foundation examines how placements for young people in foster care have changed from 2007 to 2017. Using data from all 50 states... (Read more)

Published Apr 3, 2019

Family-Based Residential Treatment Directory of Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs for Parents with Children

Volunteers of America, with support from Annie E. Casey, created a directory of residential substance use disorder treatment programs that have program models for parents and children in the same... (Read more)

Published Mar 31, 2019

Family Based Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Technical Assistance Project by Building Bridges Initiative

Building Bridges Initiative, Inc. (BBI) and the Annie E. Casey Foundation have developed the BBI Family-based Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (FRSAT) Technical Assistance (TA) Project. This TA is for both... (Read more)

Published Mar 30, 2019