Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework for Action

This framework, from Colorado, is designed as a tool to guide strategic thinking, at the state and local level, about resource investments to prevent child maltreatment and promote child well-being... (Read more)

Published Aug 19, 2019

Advancing Healthy Outcomes: Eight Ways to Promote the Health and Well-being of LGBTQ+ Youth Involved with Child Welfare through Family First Implementation

This brief, from the Center for the Study of Social Policy, outlines how child welfare systems can leverage Family First to achieve positive outcomes for LGBTQ+ children and youth. The... (Read more)

Published Aug 19, 2019

Family Preservation Services: An Assessment of Recent DCFS Performance and Outcomes: SFY 2019 - Arkansas

Act 906 of the 2001 session of the Arkansas legislature requires the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to conduct an annual evaluation of family preservation services. The... (Read more)

Published Aug 6, 2019

ACYF-CB-IM-19-03 -Family, Children and Youth Voice, Engagement, and Empowerment; Continuous Quality Improvement; System-Change Efforts

The purpose of this Information Memorandum (IM) is to demonstrate that family and youth voice are critical to a well-functioning child welfare system and to strongly encourage all public child... (Read more)

Published Aug 6, 2019

Virginia Department of Social Services - Family First

Learn how the VA Department of Social Services is structured, how they have defined imminent risk and candidate for foster care, and more. Other highlights include: Downloadable implementation plan, and... (Read more)

Published Aug 6, 2019

Supporting Evidence Building in Child Welfare Project

The Supporting Evidence Building in Child Welfare Project invites child welfare agencies and others to nominate themselves and a program or service to be evaluated. The project, funded by the... (Read more)

Published Jul 30, 2019

Putting Families First in DC: Title IV-E Prevention Program Five Year Plan Executive Summary

Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) submitted their Family First Prevention Services Five Year plan to the Children’s Bureau on April 10, 2019. The executive summary provided outlines the key... (Read more)

Published Jul 21, 2019

ACYF-CB-PI-19-06: Transitional Payments for Title IV-E Prevention and Family Services and Programs

PURPOSE: To instruct states on the procedures for transitional payments for title IV-E prevention services and programs. BACKGROUND: This PI provides instruction that allows a state to claim transitional payments... (Read more)

Published Jul 18, 2019

Oregon Senate Bill 171

The measure aligns the Oregon child welfare system's use of QRTPs (Quality Residential Treatment Program) consistent with federal funding requirements. The measure includes time restrictions for the placement of children... (Read more)

Published Jul 11, 2019

Implementation Questions for Legal Community Engagement

As states begin the process of implementing the many provisions of Family First, we have pulled together questions for agencies to discuss and address with partners in the legal community... (Read more)

Published Jul 11, 2019