The Children's Bureau released this Information Memorandum to provide an Evaluation Plan Development Tip Sheet to assist with developing an evaluation plan. To assist grantees and other child welfare professionals in developing strong evaluation plans, the Children’s Bureau commissioned the attached Evaluation Plan Development Tip Sheet (tip sheet). The tip sheet may be helpful in creating evaluation plans to meet the requirements of the five-year title IV-E Prevention Program, discretionary grant funding opportunities or other projects. A clear and comprehensive evaluation plan can improve the likelihood of a successful evaluation effort by ensuring that the evaluation design is aligned with the intervention’s goals and objectives, potential challenges have been considered, and roles and responsibilities for evaluation activities have been assigned. The tip sheet presents components to consider including in a complete evaluation plan. Many factors must be considered when developing an evaluation plan for a particular project and not every component in the tip sheet may be appropriate for every situation. CB encourages child welfare professionals to review the tip sheet and to use it as a resource in developing their own evaluation plans.